Canadian Cattle Ranches web site lists Farms & Ranches For Sale in Alberta, Canada that are located from the USA border to north of Edmonton. Properties include Cattle Ranches, Beef Farms, Grazing Leases and Allotments, Equestrian Farms, Grain and Farm Land, Feedlots and Recreation Land.

Alberta is blessed with very diverse Ecoregions from Dry Mixed Grass plains that support our ranching industry to the Aspen Parkland with its deep, black soil that supports the grain and mixed farming industry. Recreation enthusiasts enjoy the Alpine and Subalpine regions for their breathtaking beauty and abundant wildlife. If you are looking for nutritious native grasses and good soil, abundant wildlife, peaceful and healthy retirement spots, beautiful mountain vistas and sunsets – Alberta ranches /farmlands are worth your consideration.

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Dumaresq Bros Ranch28

Dumaresq Bros. Ranch

$ 13,100,000
Special Area 4
Est. 1910 with continuous family ownership • 14,580 ac with 10,580 ac in one block, 1200 cow capacity • Very good facilities including a 3000 hd back grounding feedlot (steel) • Produces ample feed for cows and back grounding calves. • Natural springs and pipeline water systems to pastures. • High dollars in...

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